Our School Intent is based on the STAR principle, which is basis of the Schools ethos, our aim is to provide a broad and balanced curriculum, which prepares pupils for adult and working life.

Self-Belief: We believe all students have the right to learn what is in our full curriculum offer; we have a duty to ensure all students are not provided with a narrowed or marginalised version and to develop their self-belief to comprehend and complete tasks to a good standard.

Trust: We want all students to achieve a full understanding of the knowledge specified in the curriculum for each year. We use rigorous examinations and assessments on demand and constant in-class assessment to judge the progress of our students. Meadowcroft school will only put students through this when we trust the learners are ready, these relations with the learners have to be built on trust.

Aspiration: We won’t constantly amend the curriculum offer. Whilst we will make occasional adjustments to meet the needs of CYP through annual vocational options in the secondary phase, we will aim for stability for all our young people. This will allow teachers to develop expertise and teaching materials to support the curriculum. This in turn will support our students to have the ambition to achieve their learning goals.

Respect: Our curriculum specifies the knowledge that should be taught, provides resources to assist with this and exemplifies successful learning. It leaves the job of bringing knowledge to life, of providing context, humour and memorable classroom moments to our teachers. This is because each of them is individually skilled and learning is, at its best, a personal experience and respect is founded on relationships between teachers and students.

Welcome to Meadowcroft School

Our Approach

Secure, consistent and structured environment
All our children have complex social, emotional and mental health needs and many have additional severe learning and communication difficulties. We look beyond the issues and problems the children come to us with and see their potential within. It is our job to provide a secure, consistent, structured environment where children can work to overcome and manage those issues in order to engage in education and achieve their potential.


Highly trained, committed and caring staff
Our dedicated team of staff provide the high levels of consistency and care our children need. They are specialists in their fields, with extensive experience of working with children who have complex needs. We work together to share knowledge and involve other experts and professionals to give our young people the start in life that so many have been denied until this point.


Creative, engaging, appropriate education
The children we support have struggled to engage in formal education, so we look for alternative ways to help them gain the vital skills and knowledge they need for the future. We keep class sizes very small, provide additional support for all children who need it and give young people the space to develop at their own pace. Wherever possible, we involve the children in outdoor learning and give them more vocational options as they progress within the school. We go to great lengths to keep our children engaged and, if they are unable to get to school, then our teachers will take the lessons to them at home.

What We Offer

For Local Authorities

  • Termly Multi-disciplinary Reviews on each child
  • Half Termly Reviews with placing officer
  • Termly Reports on each child containing details of attendance, progress and behaviour
  • Transport Management Service (cost pass through)
  • EHCP Conversion Meetings & support
  • Transition Planning

For Parents

  • Daily texts from form tutors about how the day has been
  • Weekly phone calls from form tutors to discuss progress
  • Direct phone number to your child’s Form tutor
  • Termly School Parents’ Events
  • Access to Parents’ Group
  • Termly Reports on each child containing details of attendance, progress and behaviour
  • Access to Family Support Worker

For Pupils

  • Safe, Secure Stimulating environment designed to maximise learning opportunities
  • Designated Form Tutor & Teaching Assistant to monitor your progress and help you unlock your potential
  • Twice daily tutor group sessions
  • Access to a wide range of vocational and GCSE courses
  • Therapeutic support from an Educational Psychologist, Art Therapist, Speech Therapist
  • Outdoor Education leading to Duke of Edinburgh Award
  • Staff team who have a range of diverse career history and real life experience
  • Information, Advice and Guidance from specialists to help you plan your future


At Meadowcroft our young people have access to an impressive list of facilities to support both their academic studies and personal interests.

At Meadowcroft our young people have access to an impressive list of facilities to support both their academic studies and personal interests.

Facilities on offer include:

  • Sports Hall
  • Pupil Common Room
  • Therapy Rooms
  • Allotment including small animal enclosure
  • Replica style apartment for life skills classes
  • Mechanics Workshops
  • Outdoor Pursuit Centre
  • Catering provision
  • Gym