“We find a way to ensure that school life can be enjoyable and fun for every pupil.” (Headteacher)

Innovative curriculum to re-engage reluctant learners

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Dedicated to ensuring successful outcomes for the most reluctant & troubled learners.

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A purpose built site that offers fully accredited vocational courses.

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Welcome to Meadowcroft School from the Head of Service – Darren Singh

When you come through the doors at one of our three sites, you quickly realise this is no ordinary school. We have a truly amazing team who pride themselves on their relentless determination to help every child, no matter what their situation or circumstances, to achieve their potential.

Our school is based on three sites, The Gallery, The Hub and The Works, each providing very focused care for the children we support. All our children have complex social, emotional and mental health needs and many have additional severe learning and communication difficulties. Most of the children we care for have struggled to engage in formal education, so our job involves far more than simply providing an engaging and creative setting for them to learn in. We come alongside our children, take an interest in their lives and help them to overcome barriers that prevent them engaging in education.

We know each child well enough to be able to set ambitious, realistic targets and put in place a structure of support to ensure they achieve them. Success looks very, very different for each child, so we take time to build personal plans and celebrate the progress they make.

When they leave Meadowcroft, we want every child to have secured the skills and confidence they need to find sustainable employment; developed interests and hobbies to keep them motivated; and learnt how to make and sustain healthy relationships. With these key skills, we know our children can be healthy, happy, successful adults.

A highlight of my time as Headteacher here was seeing eight of our students achieve their Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award. It was incredible to watch the young people grow in self-confidence as they persevered to complete the programme. They are a shining example of what can be achieved with the right care, support, encouragement and determination.

I hope this website will give you an overview of the care and educational support offered by Meadowcroft. If you’d like to know more about the opportunities we provide and the difference we are able to make in the lives of young people, please get in touch.



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