Writing slope

Dr Shelagh Reid is an independent Dyslexia teaching specialist, and is currently working with a quadriplegic student called Bella. Bella has limited motor skills due to her condition, and therefore finds difficulty writing and working with resources such as card games. Dr Reid asked if our construction department at the Works could design and make an adjustable ‘writing slope’, to enable Bella to work comfortably with activities.

Our pupils at Meadowcroft were very keen to help out, particularly Ian and Marco. The pupils worked hard to design and build the writing slope, which featured an intricate mechanism to make the angle of the work surface adjustable.

Both Dr Reid and Bella were delighted to receive the writing slope, which has helped alleviate Bella’s barrier to learning. Dr Reid has donated funds to the School’s ‘Millie’s Voice’ charity to cover the cost of materials.

Thank you letter