Explore the facilities available at 'The Works'

Headteacher Lynetter Edwards gives an introduction to 'The Works', a Meadowcroft School facility.

Take a tour inside Meadowcroft School

Take a two minute tour around Meadowcroft School to find out how it’s helping disillusioned youngsters make extraordinary achievements in their learning.

Look at the opportunities it offers in its outdoor curriculum and at it’s primary provision in the centre of Wakefield called The Gallery. Word is spreading fast around the Wakefield area: Meadowcroft can achieve results for pupils other schools have abandoned through it’s innovative, exciting approach to education.

The Gallery at Meadowcroft School

Headteacher Lynette Edwards takes you on a short tour around Meadowcroft’s primary school.

Called The Gallery (the buildings used to be Wakefield’s Art Gallery), find out how the high quality environment, experienced teachers and innovative curriculum is achieving extraordinary outcomes for the complex children who secure a place here.

Friends of Meadowcroft: Support for Parents

Parents of pupils at the innovative Meadowcroft School in Wakefield talk about the support and friendship the group offers.

Meadowcroft offers places to children with social emotional and associated learning difficulties when parents are often at rock bottom in trying to deal with their problems.

Reece's Story: from crisis point to happiness

Reece is a teenager with complex learning needs including ASD.

After securing a place for him at Meadowcroft School in Yorkshire, Reece discovered a  love of music and his family learned that from crisis point, the right school can produce amazing results.

Hayden's Story: Our innovative approach to excluded children

Hayden is on the autistic spectrum and has ADHD.

Before he was eight years old, he’d been excluded from every primary school in his area. His local authority had almost given up finding a suitable school for Hayden, when they found The Gallery, the primary provision of Meadowcroft School in Wakefield.  With it’s innovative approach, watch what happened  when Hayden started attending lessons here.

Duke of Edinburgh

Congratulations to eight Meadowcroft pupils who’re looking forward to receiving the Duke of Edinburgh Gold Awards next year at St James Palace, London.