Preparing for the Future

We want all our young people to leave Meadowcroft with the skills, knowledge and capabilities to secure sustainable employment. The end goal looks very different for every child. We have students who have gone on to work as security guards and others who are now studying Computer Science at University. We are equally proud of each of them and simply want to guide our children to make their own positive choices that will put them in good stead for the future.

Vocational Training
Vocational training is highly relevant for many of our young people, so we have developed The Works; a purpose-built site offering training courses in Construction, Motor Mechanics, Hair and Beauty, Barbering, Catering, Business and Health and Social Care, alongside Music, PE and Land-Based Studies All pupils are able to try the courses before they decide which they would like to pursue. We ensure that the teaching staff here are as experienced and involved as the teams delivering the academic curriculum. It’s vital that we ensure not only the quality of courses, but that they are delivered by professionals who can inspire and engage our young people.


Life Skills
In our Gallery site we have a fully-functioning flat where small groups of children learn how to take care of themselves and their home. We teach them practical skills relating to health and hygiene, cooking, washing, cleaning and managing a weekly budget. These are very basic, but absolutely essential, life skills that many of our students don’t receive at home. Students love gaining confidence in a practical environment under the guidance of our staff.


Developing Interests
Life isn’t just about work, so we encourage our young people to take up a hobby. By pursuing a variety of interests, we help our students to build their self-esteem and engage more broadly with society. We are aware that many of our young people are vulnerable to negative influences, so we help them find local groups where they can continue their interests and stay motivated and engaged when they leave Meadowcroft.

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