Meadowcroft students leading the way in teaching

The 3rd of May saw a new innovative change at the Hub. Ashton, a pupil at The Hub for 2 and half years, delivered his very own lesson.

Ashton had used his Thrive sessions with Carla to help him deal with a very personal situation and was able to regulate his emotions in the most positive way imaginable. Ashton came up with the Idea of delivering the message to his peers in his own way. It was discussed with Ashton that this could potentially put him in a vulnerable situation and open to emotional upset, Ashton was determined to deliver this message. Ashton worked very hard in various lessons such as ICT with Noreen and English with Kylie to put together a lesson that he hoped would be a hard hitting message for other students. Ashton used his English and ICT skills along with his personal experiences to plan and produce his very own lesson about the wider impact that social media can have on family, friends and the community.

As the lesson began, Ashton demanded the respect of the room which was filled with pupils that are not ordinarily in his lessons and asked for all mobile phones to be handed in, not one student protested (please give all staff some tips on this Ashton). Ashton was clearly nervous but had felt so strongly about this issue that he found the strength and determination to deliver an ‘outstanding’ lesson by anyone’s standards (OFSTED we hope you are watching).

Ashton used some excellent skills throughout the session to engage all pupils into discussion. Using open questions, offering explanations, encouraging students to be honest and including other members of staff into the discussion. All students were poised and engaged to see where the lesson was heading…….BAMMMM Ashton surprised and shocked them all with the personal situation he had used to deliver a message in such a powerful way. Mouths were open and eyes were widened. Ashton had clearly succeeded!!! ‘Respect’ was shouted to Ashton by one student along with ‘no way’ by another.

Ashton continued to deliver the lesson and explained how he had used this experience in a positive way and explained how he had immediately dealt with the situation and how he dealt with it after the event. Offering advice to his peers and making himself available for his peers to talk to openly, Ashton at 15 years of age had shown a level of maturity that is far beyond his years. Looking around the room it was clear to see that Ashton had touched many students and staff (some of which had very watery eyes….. not mentioning any names Noreen and Carla).

As he drew the lesson to an end, Ashton had thanked everyone in the room for listening and encouraged others to do talk about their problems. This was followed by a huge round of applause while students came flooding towards Ashton to offer support and show there respect, shaking his hand, giving out hugs and commenting how brave he had been.

Ashton had certainly proved himself to be a brave, capable and innovative young person.

Well done Ashton!!!!