Celebrating Success

Success looks very different for each child, so we set them individual goals and targets and take time to celebrate their achievements. Alternative Learning Fridays have become a popular fixture at the school, with the children who have achieved their targets choosing activities to enjoy; some opt to workout in the gym or play snooker, whilst others prefer go for a meal, participate in Park core, Sledging or play on the Xbox

Monday Night Reward Club
For many of our young people simply getting into school each day is an immense challenge, so we incentivise attendance. Those who attend at least 80% of classes earn the right to take part in a reward club on a Monday night. They can choose from a range of activities including dance classes, bike and scooter building classes and beauty workshops.


Meadowcroft STARS
Our most recent scheme is the STAR programme for children who consistently work hard and make a positive contribution to school life. Students need to fulfil the criteria and complete an application form to apply for the scheme. If successful, they will then be invited for an interview with a member of the Senior Leadership Team. Students who are accepted are allowed off site for lunch, invited on additional excursions, get gym membership and even get support to complete their driving test.